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By Arpit On Monday, February 05, 2007 At 11:53 PM

Googlefight is a fight between two terms on Google. The term which gives more search results on wins the fight. For example in Googlefight between Arpit Agarwal (that’s me) and Harry Potter, Harry Potter wins. This is because when you type Arpit Agarwal in Google search box and hit enter, it returns 32,000 results, while Harry Potter returns 60,000,000 results.

Lets have some interesting fights.

1# Good vs Bad
Good: 1,200,000,000 results and Bad: 592,000,000 results
So Good is better than Bad.

2# Love vs Money
Love: 979,000,000 results and Money: 679,000,000 results
So Love is powerful than Money.

3# Aishwarya vs Sushmita
Aishwarya: 4,240,000 results and Sushmita: 723,000 results
So Aishwarya is the Queen.

4# India vs USA
India: 343,000,000 results and USA: 637,000,000 results
So here too USA is leader.

5# Life vs Death
Life: 952,000,000 results and Death: 400,000,000 results
So Life is Beautiful

6# Blog vs Website
Blog: 1,030,000,000 results and Website: 773,000,000 results
Yessss Blog. :D

7# Loser vs Winner
Loser: 26,400,000 results and Winner: 147,000,000 results
Winner wins again.

8# Angelina Jolie vs Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie: 6,110,000 results and Brad Pitt: 4,880,000 results
Jolie rules.

9# Google vs Yahoo
Google: 787,000,000 results and Yahoo: 786,000,000 results
Google is the Boss

10# Google vs God
Google: 787,000,000 results and God: 404,000,000 results
What to say?? is a complete site dedicated for this purpose.


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Blogger Jibber Says:

Pretty cool find, thanks.

Anonymous Barbara (Xerraire) Says:

Some interesting finds with these search criteria.

Nice blog, found it via my blog log.



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