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The Ultimate Vista.

By Arpit On Saturday, February 03, 2007 At 12:51 AM

The Windows Vista Ultimate Element

Was that Technical??? Naaa Just Fun.


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Blogger Rajavanya Says:

Hi Arpit... new template is cool.. but the old one was spacious and i think was better with readability..

and regarding Vista well i heard its a pain in the neck with security...

its like each time you cross the road a policeman appears and advises you the road rules and why you want to cross and blah blah.... i read it in news today

Anonymous Ashish Mohta Says:

haha that was really a cool joke.I need a pirated one when i saw the price

Anonymous Arpit Says:

@ Rajavanya: Am still working with my template. I dont know when this MS ppl will learn to deal with all such issues. Microsoft and security: never use these two words together.

@ Ashish: God save Microsoft :P

Blogger ATUL DOGRA Says:

yes Ashish is right in India vista will not get that much profit because 9 out of 10 in India use pirated windows .


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