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The Show Must Go On

By Arpit On Friday, February 23, 2007 At 9:49 PM

Last week I have noticed a sudden fall in my blog visitors through Google. I took the matter lightly. But the problem persisted. Four days back, while checking the source code of my blog, I found nofollow and noindex robot tags inserted in the Meta data of my blog. I was shocked because I haven’t used those robots in the template of my blog. When I inquired about it, I think that new Google Blogger is injecting these tags automatically in some blogger blogs who have recently switched to new blogger from classic blogger. This was the reason why I lost all of my Google Juice. I removed those robots from my blog code and republished it. But till now Google haven’t crawled my blog. I was simply heartbroken. I have worked hard on this blog since last three months.

Because of this whole Google Dance, I lost my interest in this blog. I planned moving to Wordpress. I brought my domain and web hosting and got Wordpress 2.1 installed.

But then last night I felt really nostalgic about Blogger. I started blogging around fifteen months back with my personal blog on blogspot. Blogger was my first home. I love Blogger, so I have decided to stick to it. What If Google don’t crawl my blog? What if Technical Bliss never appears on again? It really doesn’t matters to me now. My blog has a good readership and I cannot disappoint them. I want them to find a new post on my blog each and everyday. What else I can hope is that Google do crawl my blog soon. If anyone can help me to get my blog on Google soon, I will be highly thankful.

Usually I try my best to keep my personal emotions away while posting on Technical Bliss, but today is the time to say thanks to some great and loving people who have helped me in the course of my life. Without them Technical Bliss was impossible.

I want to thanks Amit Agarwal Sir for inspiring me for blogging. His blog Digital Inspiration is a real inspiration to me.

Thanks to Rishi and Atul for their kind faith on me. Rishi is a real wiz kid (although he never likes calling kid : P). He is a school going kid and an excellent blogger, His knowledge about computers and internet amazes me. But the best part of him his that he is really helpful. Yesterday he worked for hours to set up my Wordpress blog. He is simply great. Atul, who usually calls me ‘Bhai ji’, has shown a real faith in me.

I also thanks Meeta, Bhajji, Chetan, Shekhar, Shival, Ankit, Anoop and Dushy for there support and love.

And not to forget Abhishek Gupta, with whom I have seen my dreams turning into reality.

And above all I pay my regards to the readers of Technical Bliss for their support and love for my blog. I assure you that you all that this place will rock again as before.

The Show Must Go On, and It Will.



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Anonymous Wendy Piersall :: eMom Says:

My jaw just hit my desk. Google is automatically inserting noindex and nofollow robots.txt files into random blogs on Blogger?! They actually TOLD you this?!

Anonymous Arpit Says:

Hello Wendy
They haven't told me any such thing.
All over the globe many bloggers are facing this problem. Just have a glance of few:
1. Blogger help group on Google:

2. SEO Round Table Forum Thread:

3. And this one:

4. And this one:

Anonymous modifoo Says:

...just yet another reason why one should host his/her own blog. With free software like WordPress it really isn't much trouble (hey, I managed). Saves a lot of headache later on - and gives you much more freedom.
It's your content, you should be able to control it.

Just my 2 cents/pence/øre


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