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Get you daily tips with Daytipper

By Arpit On Sunday, March 25, 2007 At 8:11 PM

Daytipper is a site dedicated for sharing tips on various topics with the people across the globe. On Daytipper, you get tips on various categories. The tag line of Daytipper describes the whole concept 'Don't just tell someone. Tell everyone.'
Not only this, they pay you to share your tips with other people.

In there words:

Every one of us is an expert on something. Chances are, through trial and error, hard work, or blind luck, you have learned something practical. Something that has helped make your life a little easier. It saved you time. It saved you money. Maybe it saved your marriage; maybe your life.

What you discovered is too helpful to keep to yourself. You want to share it. You think, "Others should benefit from this." Maybe you can even profit from it.

Daytipper was started in 2005 with the purpose of creating a community which allows to submit and share useful information.

Nathan Preheim, Shane Lowry and Tyler Munson are the brain behind Daytipper.

The earning part:

Daytipper pays $3 to you for every accepted and published tip.

Sometime back I have submitted a tip about Windows XP restore Point in Daytipper and It was selected.
Few days back I got a mail saying:

"Congratulations! Your tip, entitled Create restore point before modifying system file, is scheduled for publication on 3/19/2007 12:00:00 AM. This tip will be displayed on Daytipper's Home page for approximately one week after it is published. After that, it will transfer to its respective category page. Payment will be initiated on the date of publication. Normally, the period between publishing and payment is 7-10 days, but can be as long as 4-6 weeks.

We appreciate your interest in the Daytipper tip sharing service and encourage you to submit additional tips in the future."

You can read the published tip here.

Also within couple of days my paypal account got credited with the amount.

I know one won't become a millionaire by submitting tips to Daytipper, but you can get some good bucks from it. Right now there is a tipper whose 72 tips has been published. So he/she has got a good pocket money by sharing knowledge.

Besides earning, the more important point is that Daytipper is a perfect platform to share an enrich you knowledge.

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Anonymous Abhi Says:

Nice find.
You hit bang on target after a month, good job

Blogger AB Says:

sounds cool! but yea... no easy money :P


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