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How to Use Free Proxy with Firefox

By Arpit On Wednesday, April 18, 2007 At 3:15 AM

Here is a complete Graphical tutorial for using Free Proxy with Firefox. By using a Proxy, you can browse internet anonymously. Also a proxy can be used for browsing blocked sites like Orkut and MySpace.

Step 1.
Find a list of free proxy. You can Google it out. One such list is here.

Step 2.
Now choose an IP address and port from this list. In this tutorial I have chosen IP: and port: 8080. You can choose whatever you like.

Step 3.
Open Firefox and in the menu choose Tools and then Options.

This will open the Firefox Options window. Click on Advance Options.

Step 4.
Click on Network tab and the click Settings button under Connection.

Step 5.
In Connection Settings window, click Manual proxy configuration. Now enter the IP address in HTTP Proxy and Port address in Port. ( In this example HTTP Proxy address is and Port is 8080).
Also check the box 'Use this proxy server for all protocols'.

Click ok and your IP is set to desired Proxy.

You can use any online service to check your IP. Like check my IP is a site solely dedicated for this purpose. As you can see in the Screenshot below,my local IP is set to

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Anonymous Atul Says:

Nice post Arpit , Atleast we can surf safely by using proxy .

Anonymous Deepak Jeswal Says:

Hi, I added you as a favorite at Technorati. Hope to see the favor reciprocated:

My userid is deepakjeswal
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Deepak Jeswal

Blogger vin Says:

I’ve added you to my faves.

Here’s my Technorati faves link :

Add Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta to your Technorati Favourites


Blogger Coolsaint Says:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Vinod Says:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Who am i? Says:

WGuys Sorry For Interrupting.....but when i tried 5-6 proxies i found my internet is not working....or lossing its speed terribly (i use bradband)......i use firefox2.0.0.1.......i did all the settings correctly....i mean in (1763 ms) i entered in HTTP Proxy & 8080 on the port.....then restarted my firefox...then tried but its gives error of timed out sever

Anonymous Arpit Says:

Try some other proxy in the list provided and you will find a suitable one. Try the one which I have used in the example.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I am having the same problem as "who am i?". I tried many different ip's and ports. Even the one in the demonstration, and none seem to load pages for me.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

of course i spoke too soon. I just found one that works the only problem im finding is the hit to bandwidth speed. I expect some loss of speed but I drop from 2.5 Mbps to 300 kbps. is that a normal drop?

Anonymous LEELAD.NET Says:


Anonymous Jon Henshaw Says:

Excellent tutorial. Here's another one that shows you how to make it even easier to use, but with more robust features, like only applying the proxy on certain websites.

How to Use Proxy Servers for Personal Privacy using Firefox and FoxyProxy

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

If the proxy doesnt work after you put it in the HTTP box and check the protocol box, then change the filling in "Manual Proxy Configuration" and switch it to Direct Connection

Blogger epr0xystaff Says:

Hey Arpit :)
I put a new proxy site up recently, and I think people might find it useful. I really put the effort into trying to have a list of actually working proxies ;)
its , tell me what you think about it!
if you find it useful, I would very appreciate a link from your post to my site, to help your readers

check it out!

Anonymous maddude79 Says:

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hmm, really nice.
Thanks you for tips to use proxy.
but i have a confusion, what is the need of using proxy. I am little bit confused ?

Anonymous Glype Says:

Great post and very well written. The way sites collect personal information about us these days using a proxy should probably be a default option in Firefox.

Anonymous Scuba Steve Says:


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

i checked my ip on
and it gave me my old ip and the new one whhy???

Blogger High Tech Says:

Hi,Please add url in your proxy list it's really fast proxy.
it also support SSL (https)

Anonymous WareHouse Says:

Nice post, but i have a confusion, why my ip is still the same as my old ip? and i still don`t know what is proxy use for?

Blogger Syahrir Says:

nice articles bro ....
thanks before

syahrir - my blog

Anonymous Anonymous Says:


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

thank you! :) great article!


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