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Type in Hindi in Google Blogger Blogs

By Arpit On Friday, April 13, 2007 At 7:09 AM

Now you can type and publish your blogpost in Hindi in your blogger blog. Google added the feature of English to Hindi translation in Blogger.
For example you can type 'Mera Bharat Mahaan' in Hindi. (My India is Great)

मेरा भारत महान

With this feature on, just type the word in roman script (as it is pronounced) and as soon as you hit space key or any puntuation button, the word will get translated to Devanāgarī characters.

Here is a brief tutorial of for using this feature in Blogger.

To turn on this feature, go into the Setting (Basic) of your blogger blog and select yes for the transliteration option. now save your settings.

Now start composing a new post. In the post editer screen, you will see a new button 'अ'. Click this button to enable composing in Hindi.

Now write the words as they are pronounce. As soon as you hit the space key or any punctuation key, the word will convert into Devanāgarī characters.

If you want to edit a word in Hindi, just click to highlight it with left mouse button and you will see a drop down menu. select the word from drop down menu or select the option 'edit'.

Clicking edit button in drop down menu will show an advance editor. this editor also has a keyboard button in the right.

If you click this keyboard button, an onscreen keyboard button will appear, with which you can type the desired word.

Some important points.

1) If you type a word in roman and the hindi transliteration which appears is not the one you wants, you can edit it using advance onscreen keyboard. This transliteration will be saved and next time when you will type the same word in roman, it will translated correctly based upon your previous edit.

2) This feature is avaliable on Internet Explorer 6 or higher and Firefox 1.5 or higher. Also this is available for Windows Operating System. Transliteration facility is unavailable in Mac OS.

3) This feature requires live internet connection. All transliteration are done on Google server and are sent back to your browser.

4) This features involves complex text layout which is not turned on in every browser. Internet Explorer has this feature turned on by default, while other browsers require support for complex text layout. This Wikipedia article gives detail help on how to turn it on in various OS.

Here is the Devanāgarī-Roman Character Mappings:

Other help pages:
Blogger help on transliteration feature
Blogger help on Devanāgarī-Roman Character Mappings

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Blogger No Police State Girl Says:

I saw that new Hindi feature on the Blogger homepage. That's a really kool feature.

Blogger masijeevi Says:

आपका इस जानकारी को हिंदी में बलॉगिंग करने के इच्‍छुक लोगों तक पहुँचाने की कोशिश के लिए धन्‍यवाद। वैसे इस टूल से पहले भी कई लोग हिंदी में ब्‍लॉगिंग कर रहे हैं। उनसे जुड़ें और लोगों को जोड़ें।

Blogger Charles Vaz Says:

This is neat stuff, We just need online direct web site translation to Hindi.

Check out my tech blog. I have a nice translation technique which works in IE. Opera, Mozilla-Firefox and on LINUX too. Also, check out my radio blog (if you scroll down on my blog) and play my favourite music from my blog.

Have fun & Take Care,


Blogger ricky Says:

and there is an alternative to this:
the site . it converts english words automatically in hindi script.
apart frm this u can also google search in hindi using it

Anonymous Anupam Says:

Thats a very interesting post. I have been inspired. Thanks.

Anonymous Rick Daley Says:

Very nice article and a very cool
informative website.


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