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Increase your MyBlogLog Community Members. Ultimate Trick

By Arpit On Wednesday, April 04, 2007 At 3:12 AM

Update: 4:58 a.m. IST.
Just now I have seen that Eric (One of the MyBlogLog Co-founder) has visited my blog and now He is member of my MyBlogLog Community. :) (just because of that automatic adding)

I have sent a message to Eric and am looking forward for some reply.

Update 6:52 a.m. IST.
I have removed the code from my blog post.

Here is a trick to increase your community members at MyBlogLog.
Before I start to explain this trick, I would like to make some points very clear.

1) I am explaining this Trick just for the purpose of learning and fun. Do Not use this for spamming MyBlogLog. MyBlogLog is a nice place and its already facing a hell lot spam everyday. Eric and Folks are doing a great job by keeping that place clean, so please please and please help them in doing so.

2) I Do Not take any responsibility of use and accuracy of this trick.

So here we start.

What this trick will do?
When any MyBlogLog member visits your blog, he will automatically joins your MyBlogLog Community.

Whats the Trick?
Here it is explained.

Removed.. On request of MyBlogLog.

Result of this Trick
Anyone who is logged in MyBlogLog and who comes to your blog/blogpost will automatically becomes the member of your blog community at MyBlogLog.

For example if you are logged in MyBlogLog and reading this post right now, you can check that you have become the member of my community.

So if you don't want to be the member of my community you can go at your MyBlogLog page and can leave my community.

As a matter of fact, MyBlogLog community of Technical Bliss is already in Top 50 of MyBlogLog.

Alternately, if you haven't joined my community yet, Please join it here.

Visit my MyBlogLog Community.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

nice trick buddy..i like it..(",)

Blogger video reports Says:

Pity you had to remove the information as I would have liked to have read it.
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