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Thinking of WordPress? Take a free ride.

By Arpit On Saturday, March 31, 2007 At 4:04 AM

Blogging is getting real popular and everyday thousands of new blogs are created. Most of the bloggers start with free blog hosts like And after getting addicted to blogging many of them think of migrating to their paid hosting. No doubt Wordpress is the first choice when you think of such migration. But there are many things which you want to ensure before migrating to WordPress.

Sumesh asked me some of those question. He wrote:

I have been at the cross-roads for a couple of months, not knowing which way to go.... How easy (or tough) was the setup of WP? It requires a broadband connection, doesnt it? Did you find a good theme for it? If yes, did you tweak it?

If you have many questions and doubts regarding WordPress, I advice to take a test ride and free feel of WordPress. This will certainly help.

Their are many free webspace providers on net and you can give them a try. Fizwig is a good one for this. They offer free webhosting and one click WordPress Installtion.

(The point with Fizwig is that they will display their Google Adsense ads on your blog)

Once you are comfortable with WP you can get your paid hosting and domain.

# Web Hosting
Any webhost that supports the following three things can be used to install WordPress 2.1
PHP 4.2 or greater
MySQL 4.0 or greater
The mod_rewrite Apache module
You can check the requirements page of WP for more details.

# Domain Name
Godaddy and NameCheap are big players in field of domain registration. And don't forget to use free available discount coupons for domain registration. You can always google them out. Some discounts coupons are available here.

# WordPress Themes
There are thousands and thousands of free WP themes available on internet. You can use one of them, but I always recommend to give some personal touch to your blog layout.
You can check Smashing Magazine's WP Themes list. Thats really a good compilation.

Keep Blogging...

Update: Sumesh has a new WP blog now.

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