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Digg Dvd Hex code controversy continues

By Arpit On Thursday, May 03, 2007 At 2:46 PM

Now everyone knows the controversy about the hex key 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
If you still don't know about it, then read it here.

The information which They tried to suppress is now every where on web. Just have a look.

1# On T-Shirts:

You can get it for few $$.

2# In Poems:
Read this very funny poem .

BTW, how do you like my new poem? All numbers and preceding them uppercase letters are entirely accidental.

there were 09 planets
in the solar system
Fucking 9 planets
not 11
and not 02
but exactly 9 Damn planets
right in the middle
and everyone seemed happy

until 74 professors
meet on the conference
and started to wonder:
"we should have Exactly 3 planets
in our system" – proposed one
other opposed:
"regarding number of planets,
my colleague's idea with 5 Bothers me a little
shouldn't we make them Deliberately 8?"

41 professors liked the idea,
but 56 voted against it.
the revolutionists mobilized their base
and Called 5 scholars who couldn't come
to ask about their opinion
and couple more sent their votes via e-mail
at the end 63 votes for the change
and 56 were still against it

"nnow wwhen wwe hhave oonly 88 pplanets
wwhih oone sshould wwe rremove?"
- asked the stammerer
"pluto" – their all agreed.
there was no point in keeping this planet
disney stopped paying for the product placement
years ago

but the point is – how many normal people
they asked? people from different Countries? 0.
shame on them. let's go and watch a movie.

3# Domains:
Domain contains it all

And domain redirects to a page which contains this sticker

4# Funny Images:
WWW is poured up by graphics like:

Thanks Philipp

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