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Minimize Mozilla Firefox to system tray

Here is a small utility which will allow you to minimize Mozilla browser to your windows system tray. It also provides a right click menu for the tray icon.

You can also choose from three options:
1) Always minimize to the tray instead of to the taskbar.
2) Minimize to tray on close.
3) Require a double click to restore from the tray.

To get this feature enabled for Firefox, Install 'Minimize to Tray' Firefox Add-on from here.

To customize this add-on, go to Tools menu of Firefox and the n click Add-ons.

Now select Minimize to Tray Add-on and click options.

This will open the options window. Check the options you like.

Click ok and you are done. Now you can minimize your Firefox in system tray instead of taskbar.

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By Arpit On Saturday, April 21, 2007 At 8:22 AM

How to Use Free Proxy with Firefox

Here is a complete Graphical tutorial for using Free Proxy with Firefox. By using a Proxy, you can browse internet anonymously. Also a proxy can be used for browsing blocked sites like Orkut and MySpace.

Step 1.
Find a list of free proxy. You can Google it out. One such list is here.

Step 2.
Now choose an IP address and port from this list. In this tutorial I have chosen IP: and port: 8080. You can choose whatever you like.

Step 3.
Open Firefox and in the menu choose Tools and then Options.

This will open the Firefox Options window. Click on Advance Options.

Step 4.
Click on Network tab and the click Settings button under Connection.

Step 5.
In Connection Settings window, click Manual proxy configuration. Now enter the IP address in HTTP Proxy and Port address in Port. ( In this example HTTP Proxy address is and Port is 8080).
Also check the box 'Use this proxy server for all protocols'.

Click ok and your IP is set to desired Proxy.

You can use any online service to check your IP. Like check my IP is a site solely dedicated for this purpose. As you can see in the Screenshot below,my local IP is set to

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By Arpit On Wednesday, April 18, 2007 At 3:15 AM

Type in Hindi in Google Blogger Blogs

Now you can type and publish your blogpost in Hindi in your blogger blog. Google added the feature of English to Hindi translation in Blogger.
For example you can type 'Mera Bharat Mahaan' in Hindi. (My India is Great)

मेरा भारत महान

With this feature on, just type the word in roman script (as it is pronounced) and as soon as you hit space key or any puntuation button, the word will get translated to Devanāgarī characters.

Here is a brief tutorial of for using this feature in Blogger.

To turn on this feature, go into the Setting (Basic) of your blogger blog and select yes for the transliteration option. now save your settings.

Now start composing a new post. In the post editer screen, you will see a new button 'अ'. Click this button to enable composing in Hindi.

Now write the words as they are pronounce. As soon as you hit the space key or any punctuation key, the word will convert into Devanāgarī characters.

If you want to edit a word in Hindi, just click to highlight it with left mouse button and you will see a drop down menu. select the word from drop down menu or select the option 'edit'.

Clicking edit button in drop down menu will show an advance editor. this editor also has a keyboard button in the right.

If you click this keyboard button, an onscreen keyboard button will appear, with which you can type the desired word.

Some important points.

1) If you type a word in roman and the hindi transliteration which appears is not the one you wants, you can edit it using advance onscreen keyboard. This transliteration will be saved and next time when you will type the same word in roman, it will translated correctly based upon your previous edit.

2) This feature is avaliable on Internet Explorer 6 or higher and Firefox 1.5 or higher. Also this is available for Windows Operating System. Transliteration facility is unavailable in Mac OS.

3) This feature requires live internet connection. All transliteration are done on Google server and are sent back to your browser.

4) This features involves complex text layout which is not turned on in every browser. Internet Explorer has this feature turned on by default, while other browsers require support for complex text layout. This Wikipedia article gives detail help on how to turn it on in various OS.

Here is the Devanāgarī-Roman Character Mappings:

Other help pages:
Blogger help on transliteration feature
Blogger help on Devanāgarī-Roman Character Mappings

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By Arpit On Friday, April 13, 2007 At 7:09 AM

Create Icons for email id

E-Mail Icon Generator is a small nice utility which creates a image icon of your email id. You can use this icon for providing your email address in your webpage or blog. This will certainly help you to avoid unnecessary spam.
Some of the example icons are:

Email icon Generator provides the facility of icon generation for following email service providers:

Check Email Icon Generator here.

Note: All the example icons above are not my email ids. My email id is:

If you want to contact me, email me on above id.

Related post:
How to leave your email id on internet.

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By Arpit On At 1:13 AM

Subvert and Profit. Another attempt to game digg

A new site has evolved from nowhere* to help people in getting there story to front page of digg. And they are selling there help.

Subvert and Profit who refer themselves as new black market, charge advertisers $1 for each digg and pays the digger $0.5 per paid digg. Also they are offering a deal of $0.75 per paid digg to first 500 diggers who join there gang.

There has been similar sites on net in the past(like this), but most of them failed to protect their users' privacy. This new S&P site claims that they've engineered new tricks that will make their users' activity appears normal.

Quoted from their blog:

  • Our algorithm selects users to Digg a story based on how unrelated they are in terms of their Digging history. This is key, because one of the primary methods of detecting “gaming behavior” is seeing if the same group of users Diggs the same stories repeatedly.
  • We hide the story you are paid to Digg in a short list of randomly selected stories that you will Digg as well. These stories also show up with the same relative frequency as the paid stories. This prevents Digg from making accounts on our site to see which stories are paid for, and then banning the users who vote for them.
  • We never link directly to Digg.
  • We verify our users’ Digg activity through a complex string of proxies.

And there was something funny (or not so funny) in there blog. The blog has two post till now which are signed as ' Posted by Ragnar Danneskjold and Vasili Taleniekov'

I know about Ragnar Danneskjold. A famous character from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. And when I did a quick Wiki search on Vasili Taleniekov, I found this:

Vasili Vasilivich Taleniekov, the man called The Serpent, master strategist, KGB, the Soviet Union's most brilliant intelligence tactician, is both executioner and negotiator, hunter and quarry. He has spent twenty-five years in ruthless pursuit of Moscow's enemies. He, too, is tired and weary of the futility of the intelligence community, but there is no one better in all of Russia.

*Also In the end of there FAQ, the answer for Who are you? is:
We are whomever you want us to be. We come from nowhere and we are everywhere.

They are creating a buzz on web right now. But lets see how far they go. I doubt...... :)

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By Arpit On Wednesday, April 04, 2007 At 8:26 AM

MyBlogLog Trick Update.

Just Now I have seen that My Community size is increasing and even Eric has joined it (its just because of that automatic join.)

I Request MyBlogLog Administration to have the facility of Captcha Verification in the process of joining any community.

I think things are fixed at MyBlogLog. Eric has unjoined my Community :(
I have also removed that code from my blog post.


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By Arpit On At 4:40 AM

Increase your MyBlogLog Community Members. Ultimate Trick

Update: 4:58 a.m. IST.
Just now I have seen that Eric (One of the MyBlogLog Co-founder) has visited my blog and now He is member of my MyBlogLog Community. :) (just because of that automatic adding)

I have sent a message to Eric and am looking forward for some reply.

Update 6:52 a.m. IST.
I have removed the code from my blog post.

Here is a trick to increase your community members at MyBlogLog.
Before I start to explain this trick, I would like to make some points very clear.

1) I am explaining this Trick just for the purpose of learning and fun. Do Not use this for spamming MyBlogLog. MyBlogLog is a nice place and its already facing a hell lot spam everyday. Eric and Folks are doing a great job by keeping that place clean, so please please and please help them in doing so.

2) I Do Not take any responsibility of use and accuracy of this trick.

So here we start.

What this trick will do?
When any MyBlogLog member visits your blog, he will automatically joins your MyBlogLog Community.

Whats the Trick?
Here it is explained.

Removed.. On request of MyBlogLog.

Result of this Trick
Anyone who is logged in MyBlogLog and who comes to your blog/blogpost will automatically becomes the member of your blog community at MyBlogLog.

For example if you are logged in MyBlogLog and reading this post right now, you can check that you have become the member of my community.

So if you don't want to be the member of my community you can go at your MyBlogLog page and can leave my community.

As a matter of fact, MyBlogLog community of Technical Bliss is already in Top 50 of MyBlogLog.

Alternately, if you haven't joined my community yet, Please join it here.

Visit my MyBlogLog Community.

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By Arpit On At 3:12 AM

Want to buy lifetime link on Google??

Want to buy a lifetime non reciprocal link on Just see this.
A sales is listed in iwebtool link market which says that two lifetime links are available for sale on just for $5000 each.

Check this listing live here.

Offcourse this is not a 1st April Prank (because 1st April is gone). But am sure its some error on part of iwebtool.
Whatsoever.. This ad has made my day.

via DP

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By Arpit On Monday, April 02, 2007 At 11:12 PM

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